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Conforming generally to the notion of a so-called copyleft

Creative communities thrive when people share. Therefore, the license of this website's content (images and text) seeks not only to protect certain kinds of reproduction of Eric and/or Xander Darsow's work as published on but also to aid and encourage others to build and modify and share it as well. I believe in the principles of openness and contributing to the shared space of creative communities as embodied in the spirit of the so-called copyleft movement and, more generally, on the social philosophy of folks like Richard Stallman of the GNU project . While these links refer specifically to computer code use, the values their licenses embody are ones applicable to many arenas of public life.

You may use, reproduce, distribute, and modify—in part or in whole--any English text, images and sound files stored in without permission and without attribution to Eric and/or Xander Darsow or The terms of this license extend only to content on and does not extend to computer code or any other work produced by Eric and/or Xander Darsow for or in any other website, venue, book, forum, publication, or institution.

Some course session overview pages contain image tags that link to random images online which are used to provide visual candy for pages used during class. These images are hosted on other servers and are not considered content under this license. When possible, attribution is given for such images and their respective copyrights observed. As of May 2017, work is being done to clean up these images and conform to all necessary use obligations.

Your use of the content under these terms is permitted for all uses, both educational, commercial, and personal/non-organizational us. You are invited to use the content of this site as a springboard to your own creative endeavors. If your use is non-malicious and societally valuable (in the broad sense), you are able to do so freely and without permission. If you use content from this site to make money, you are not obligated to disclose or share any of the proceeds with Eric and/or Xander Darsow or

All content you use from this site shall be done at the user's own risk. is not responsible for any misuse of the content of this site by third parties. This means that if you decide, for example, to copy and paste something I've written into a last-minute paper for school without quotation and attribution, you alone are responsible for any institutional sanctions that you would incur if doing so was in violation of its academic content use rules.

If content from is used in either a modified or original form, attribution may only be made to the original author (Eric and/or Xander Darsow) if a reasonable attempt is made to preserve the meaning and essence of the original content. In simpler language, you are only allowed to quote Eric and/or Xander Darsow as having written or created something that Eric and/or Xander Darsow did indeed write or create. You may not modify content in material ways and then attribute that changed work to Eric and/or Xander Darsow. If you do modify content on this site for your use and would like to attribute my work as a source, please do so by describing the specific nature and extent of the original use and the methods you used for modifying the content (color filters, etc.).

For example, if you alter an image from my site substantially and wish to give me credit for having created the original image, please note that the original picture was taken by Eric and/or Xander Darsow and then describe the general ways you modified my original work, such as by adjusting the colors or by adding an extra person or mountain into the image.

The terms of this license apply to all non-computer code content on this site including but not limited to text, images, and audio content. All computer code is covered under the GNU Public License, more commonly known as the GPL. Additionally, the terms of this license do not apply to site content that is explicitly noted as falling under the terms of a different license as indicated in clear and logical places within the content or document. Obviously, links to outside content or frames with piped in content are covered by their respective content licenses.