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DAT-220: Visualization | Carlow University | Spring 2023

course wk no. date session links learning objectives completion targets
DTAN-203 1 Monday

Categorize data into branches and associate branches with visualization techniques

Complete most if not all of the visualizations requested of our class music

DTAN-203 Wednesday
  1. Assemble five songs of interest in our tracker spreadsheet
  2. Duplicate the sheet into your own google drive account
  3. Add an additional 3 variables (not of the same type) to the spreadsheet

Create basic charts in Google Sheets to respond to inquiry questions of interest to the class

DTAN-203 2 Monday

{no class} Martin Luther King Jr. Day

DTAN-203 Wednesday
  • Articulate the data visualization high-level process
  • Demonstrate spreadsheet essentials: add/move columns, create new sheets, write formulas, write cross-sheet formulas: manipulate the essentials of the chart tool in google sheets
  • Implement the data visualization process for an inquiry question related to our music data set

Create a visualization using google sheets (or your chosen visualization tool) that addresses 2-3 of the inquiry questions in our project.

Submit your work by simply having your visualuzations in your dedicated google drive folder for the music project.

DTAN-203 3 Monday

Harnessing the power of pivot tables

Create a pivot table from raw data

Pursue an inquiry question using pivot table rows, columns, and filters

Investigate one or more substantial inquiry questions using a pivot table and create both a focused pivot table and one or more charts from that pivot table to address your question.

For Monday, 30-JAN, please have selected a few questions and attempted at least a pivot table to address one or all of your chosen questions.

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Pivot tables to charts

Data formats and time series data and using data functions

Use date functions to generate component date values for time series plots

DTAN-203 4 Monday

Worktime on 311 Pivot Tables

Create beautifl charts using pivot tables

Choose a topic for our change through time project and log it in our tracker.

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Choose a variable or set of variables of interest to you concerning world-wide change and assemble a set of compelling inquiry questions related to those variables.

DTAN-203 5 Monday

Develop compiled data sets about our change through time project.

DTAN-203 Wednesday

DTAN-203 6 Monday

Time-series visualizations with summary statistics

Create basic time-series visualizations

Continue work on fully-baked time-series visualizations

DTAN-203 Wednesday

DTAN-203 7 Monday

Share time series visualizations

Begin spatial data mini-unit

  • Add spatial data layers to a map
  • Style a spatial data layer to emphasize spatial patterns
  • Configure labeling of data layers to add detail to a map
  • Add a polygon layer to map and style it appropriately
  • Use basic data processing functions to answer spatial inquiry questions

Wrap up any loose ends on your time-series visualization project

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Creating multi-layered maps in ArcGIS Online

Style layers

Apply analysis tools to your spatial layers

Employ analysis tools to answer an inquiry question

DTAN-203 8 Monday

Abandon digital mapping project

Begin mapping ranking project

Create your own maps from spatial data

Prepare to share your set of maps on a topic of interest 20 minutes into class Wednesday

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Finalize rate those maps set & rank peer sets

Apply the principles of solid maps to sets of maps from peers

DTAN-203 xxx Monday


DTAN-203 9 Monday

US Census and American Community Survey introduction

Supporting resources

US Decennial Census on The Wikipedia
ACS on The Wikipedia
1,2 and 5-year ACS Aggregation use cases
A racial dot map

Access table-level data from the two major programs of the United States Census Bureau

Choose your topic and tables by start of class on Wednesday. Strive to have assembled your data by start of class next Monday, 20-March

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Working with margins of error at multiple summary levels with large-scale survey data from the American Community Survey

Create visual representations of estimated data that also includes confidence levels for point estimates

DTAN-203 10 Monday

US census work continued: Computing error rates and displaying them in figures

Continue census work

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Work time on us census visualizations

Combine errors of individual observations to create a change through time observation

DTAN-203 11 Monday

Share US census visualization miniprojects

Evaluate peer data visualizations for correctness and design

Begin planning your qualitative analysis project

DTAN-203 Wednesday

No In-Person classes today!

Begin scoping out your qualitative research question in our google doc and study this guide to qualitative coding by Philip Adu:

Explore available angles for approaching a qualitative research question:

DTAN-203 12 Monday

Flesh out qualitative research questions and relevant data sources

Create a focused coding tracker in a spreadsheet

Strive to code about half of your sampled artifacts

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Continue qualitative analysis project

DTAN-203 13 Monday

No Class for Religious Holiday Observance!

No class held

Continue work on qualitative analysis project

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Continue work on qualitative analysis project

Create open and focused codes

DTAN-203 14 Monday

Continue work on qualitative analysis project

Open and focus code reviews of China Syndrome

Locate your sources and begin open and focused coding

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Finalize your data sets for the qualitative analysis project

DTAN-203 15 Monday

Continue work on qualitative analysis project

Convert unstructured qualitative data into quantitative data

Prepare your final analysis of the qualitative analysis project for your final session

DTAN-203 Wednesday

Continue work on qualitative analysis project

Build out your final project presentation board and upload to your qualitative project shared drive


Final "exam" session from 1:00-3:00pm: Wed, 3-May 2023; Normal room

Propose final grade using the point-free grading guide

Share final project boards

Share final projects with fully-baked visualizations

None! Class is over!