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early computer modems like the one pictured converted binary data to sound pulses and transmitted them using speaker and microphone on a regular old telephone receivers designed to be held up to a human head. image from The Wikipedia: Rama [CC BY-SA 2.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons

Map collections

Using chapter 23 of Liang as your guide, create a program that demonstrates the fundamental concept of the map

program objective

Modeled after the NOC list in Mission Impossible, create a program that stores data about secret agents in a Class called Agent. Those objects are then stored in a map-based data structure in which the key is a String typed variable storing the Agent's ID number.

program requirement 0: create an Agent

Create a class called Agent with member variables to store that agent's: ID number, area of the world of focus, real name, assignment status, and contact info. Make each of the member variables private with public getter and setter methods.

Create a simple class diagram of your agent.

program requirement 1: Creating a map and accessing data

Create a client class called IMF with a member variable of type Map whose keys are String type and value are Agent types. Instantiate 5 Agents, store them in the map. Create a method on IMF which displays to the console the entire contents of the map. Also create a method that will display all the data related to an Agent if he/she is stationed in an area of the world passed into the method as a parameter.

program requirement 2: text-based UI

Create a text-based interface that allows the user to extract an Agent from the map using that agent's ID. Allow the user to edit data on that particular Agent. Verify to the user that the data has successfully been stored.