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cit-130 wk. 1 String manipulation

String processing

Password strength machine

program objective

Create an Object called StrengthChecker that can check the strength of a submitted password. It will be a standalone utility class (i.e. no main() method) which will be used by a client which manages the acquisition of the password candidate from the user.

program requirement 1

Create a method on StrengthChecker that takes in an array of Strings that must be present in any password that is sent into the machine. The array may be of any size and must be of type String[]

Create a method on StrengthChecker called setLength that takes in an int representing the minimum length and an int representing the maximum length of the password

Create your primary method on this system called checkPassword that takes in a String representing the password and returns a true if all the criteria are met and returns false if the password fails the specifciations.

Optional: Create a method called getErrors which returns a representation of which element of the password last check failed the strength check.

Break it down!

Before jumping into your programming, make a list of incremental development steps in creating this mini program. What smaller problems can you solve before creating the entire process?