through APIs, we can access structured data stored on remote servers
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Accessing Application Programming Interfaces (API)s



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API Tracker

When you have decided on an API, please make an entry in our tracker spreadsheet

listLesson sequence

  1. Discuss course plan: project design for course
  2. API Fundamentals: Donors Choose API and sample tweaking according to the specification below
  3. API Design project and worktime

program objective

Use data from an API service to answer one or more compelling inquiry questions of your design

program requirement 1

Engineer a python script that uses the requests library to make calls to an API of your choosing. Assemble data that is returned from that API to answer the question or set of questions you designed for this project.

program requirement 2

Once you have data assembled that speaks to your research question, format the results of your API inquiry in a format that is understandable by a non-pythonista and can be posted on our course website and on the walls of our classroom 1136! Graphs, charts, figures, tables, images--all of these are welcome and invited.

playlist_add_checkMid-week ToDOs

Complete your API project and upload it to your github account.

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