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Python 2 final project

The goal of the DAT-129 project is to expand on a concept we've previously explored in python 2 and develop a sharable, documented, and working functional program.

Step 1: Log your project in our master tracker spreadsheet

Communicate with your instructor about your project progress by populating your dedicated record in our shared google drive sheet

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Samples Fall 2020 Final Projects

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tracking spreadsheet

Check out this sample sentiment analysis project by Dominic in Fall 2018:

Project component flowchart

Use the following flowchart as your guide for designing your final project.

bookProject specification


Create a culminating project in the Python language that demonstrates solid scripting design and thoughtful program design utilizing methods for modularity and basic data processing with files, APIs, databases, and Pandas

design guides

  1. Thoughtfully use exception handling to cope with unexpected or failure outcomes, such as files not existing, the system not connecting to the Internet for GET requests, etc. When possible write useful information about the source of the errors to a log file for later review and adjustment or re-running of code.
  2. When possible, consider ways your code can be modularized to be useful for related--but not identical--projects like yours. How can you decouple specific names of pages or HTML elements, for example, from the python code itself? Perhaps custom values can live in text files and be read in dynamically by your python code.
  3. Create meaningful output messages that your script can give to the user to monitor the progress and activities of your script.

partially completed work

  1. Sharing well-documented work, even if the entire tool chain is not complete is a meaningful product to share with one another.
  2. Documenting error messages that you received and notes about what you had to learn to fix the error.

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