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Final Project Documentation

Project Overview: I have created a classic game you see before yourself, the game is called snake. When running the game you will have the ability to have direct contact with myself through email, phone number after email and obviously have a great time running the game. The first drop down menu allows the game user (i.e. you), to play the game by pressing Shift+P, then to restart the game is to Shift+R, then the last menu Shift+I allows the game user to see what controls to what. The second drop down menu is that of “Help” for email and phone number. This game took a total start up to shutdown time of 28 hours and a few minutes. This game allows the user to control the game while seeing their current score, high score was not implemented yet into this game for further reasoning.


I have two years experience in Java and 3 months experience in HTML, and C++. I started coding in 10th grade, in high school, creating games, drawing pictures, simple things, the most difficult one was when I entered college to intro to Java and created the above game Snake. I am a young entrepreneur with a tech-savvy background, and a hardworking drive behind myself, I always want to get the projects done, the task done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am currently opening up a coffee shop “Bites, Holes, and Java”. It is a goal of mine to open a business and this is my first step into this career path. Hopefully there will be some coding in my future but we will see, thanks and Have a great day!

Project Java Code

My code that I show you today is a old game called Snake, This game uses Swing FX. Not only that, I use java.awt, java.swing,, multiple panels, a little bit of everything to create this using bars, Jframes, drawStrings, fonts, colors, drawing string squares. The code that was inputed into the game allows you to play the classic game snake and all of its features.

View java source code for the project. Public class: Snake

Class Diagram

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Sample Application Output