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Final Project Documentation

Project Overview:I have made a Hero Fighting Simulator. When it runs you are presented with a list of names of the heroes available, you can then select a hero and look at their load-out, you can do this as many times as you feel comfortable with. Once you are done it will ask you do select 2 heroes to do glorious battle! (You can even have a mirror match, but that gets confusing to read.) Once 2 heroes are selected a map will be randomly chosen and battle commences! The battle ends when either one hero's health is reduced to 0 and they get hit with a finishing move or both heroes knock each other out for a draw. I was considering having an option for a player or 2 be able to input moves for the fight, but then got sick and also had an English paper to do so sadly I couldn't get around to it. 😞 Overall I am happy with how this turned out.

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FightingSim Class

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