GIS Class Session Guide: 21 March 2017

Sharing Maps on the Interwebs

Learning Goals

  1. Prepare a set of web map data files for uploading to web servers by making joins permanenet, adjusting spatial references, and exporting layer files
  2. Upload shapefiles to ArcMap online and CartoDB and create links for sharing that content.
  3. Apply geoprocessing and geo-analysis tools to project data and export layouts of those data

Warm-up: Setup your online accounts for ERSRI online and CartoDB

ESRI Doesn't charge for absolutely everything! You can create an online mapper account for free, which we'll use to display your maps and share that data with the world. For warm-up today, please visit the ESRI ArcMap online page and create a free public account. The "public" means that the data you upload is immediately web-accessible. Once you have an account, look up some tutorials on how to upload to this tool. What format of spatial data does the site require? How much space are you allotted?

Exercise 1: Project Check-in

Questions for project update (5 mins x 5 = 25 mins max):

  1. What core question are you zeroing in on for investigation?
  2. What data sources besides the US Census are you anticipating finding? What have you found?
  3. How are you keeping all your project data organized?

Exercise 2: Spatial Data Tools Practice

We learned about the essential geoprocessing tools like clip, merge, etc. We'll move into practice time with some guided steps. Then we'll add some features to our own map, then upload that data to ESRI online. Please follow Steps given to you by the instructor for the exercise.

Exercise 3: Exporting data to ERSRI online and Carto

Follow in-class instructions for guidance.